About Us

The company was established by Mr. Basha (late), in the year 1960.

Creating a niche for themselves using sustainable methods to produce leather is the hallmark of Zaik Exports.

Emphasizing the use of best practices in the leather making process with a social responsibility, Zaik is prudent in investing in technologies adaptable and scalable to future demands and also on human capital which is at its core of business strategy.

Vigorously adopting due diligence in each and every step of sourcing, design and production, Zaik has pioneered the art of making quality leather at affordable costs.

  • Vision

    To continue to be a leader in the sustainable manufacturing and supplier of premium leather and leather goods, not compromising the environment for the sake of profitability.

  • Mission

    To cultivate and adapt the technological advances in the production and process of leather making, while holding on to the traditional methods, to create affordable eco friendly goods for the masses.

Mr. Ibrahim - Chairman

At the helm is Mr. Ibrahim chairman of the company, has come a long way by learning the fundamentals of what, when, how and why of the leather making process to become a veteran of the leather industry respected by peers and customers alike.

He was a pioneer in implementing sustainable practices, ever conscious of the environmental impact of the leather processing units and was a strong believer in the use of non toxic, natural and organic treatment of leather rather than artificially produced chemicals widely used in the industry.

Mr. Aamir Zaki - Managing Director

Ably lead by Mr. Aamir Zaki Managing Director, a successful young professional with a Master of Business Administration from United Kingdom.

Mr. Aamir is a business strategist with extensive knowledge in operations, finance and international trade along with a vast experience and foresight in the luxury consumer goods business.

Together they combine the traditional manufacturing process and modern production technologies to make Zaik Exports a name to reckon with in the premium leather industry.

A professionally qualified and experienced team handles identification and sourcing, skilled in production and processing of leather in accordance to international standards and quality.

We comply with Leather Working Group LWG Gold Standard to produce premium finished leather and goods.