In keeping up the ever demanding sustainability in every industrial segment, especially in the fashion industry, we make sustained efforts to use traditional tanning methods thereby saving the environment, land and people involved in the tanning process.

Zaik Exports follow a stringent eco friendly tanning process and exclusive use of organic components for the hides using vegetable tanning, an arduous process followed only by few of the leather manufactures in the world.

We comply with all the policies and guidelines laid down by environmental agencies with respect to various leather tanning and production procedures.

We effectively address the major concern of effluent treatment in leather making process which is the biggest challenge to overcome, by using natural tanning methods.

We make efficient use of electricity and water by implementing energy saving products and water treatment technologies.

We regularly train our staff on waste reduction, recycling and reuse of materials wherever possible.

Lay down procedures of best practices to be followed across the work flow and measure their performance periodically for improvements.

We maintain a clean and green work environment to prevent health hazards in the work place for employees.

Update ourselves on new technologies in sustainable leather making and implement changes accordingly.

Supplier Environmental Evaluation

We maintain a code of conduct to monitor the use of restricted substances while sourcing raw hide and audit supplier practices along with customers and brands.

Zaik emphasizes the need to change the impression of waste being treated as an undue burden on the environment, to being materials of reuse.

Along with our stakeholders, we focus how we handle the waste produced during the production.

We stress the need to find a way to reduce waste across all activities during our entire operation.

We take pro-active measures towards sustainability and are committed in making conscious efforts to recycle the waste at source by encouraging our suppliers to follow best practices to reduce environmental contamination.

The concept of sustainability we follow:


Specializing in the use of organic and natural ingredients in the tanning process is our hallmark.


Investing in capacity expansion and vocational training leading to creation of jobs as well as skilled employable human resource.


Our custom of ethical sourcing ensures safe and healthy workforce within and outside the production process.


Committed to build a responsible green value chain in the leather making industry to safeguard the maker and the user.