We offer a wide range of unique leather products which are of high quality and long lasting durability.

Vegetable Tanning

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Vegetable Tanning

  • Snuffed Burnished

  • Full Grain Burnished

  • Milled

  • Crunch

  • Glazed

  • Oil Pull Up

  • Oil Nubuck

  • For Belt

  • Fancy Print

  • Tumbled

  • Softy (pancho)

  • Plain Softy

Cow | Buff

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Cow | Buff

  • Crocodile Print

  • PDM

  • Tumbled

  • Waxy

  • Nappa

  • Casual Nubuk

  • Crunch

  • Broken Vennis

Sheep | Goat

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Sheep | Goat

  • Sheep Lining

  • Sheep Nappa

  • Carbretta

  • Sheep Upper

  • Softy and Lining

  • Goat Nappa

  • Glazed

  • Drum Dyed

  • Aniline

  • Saux Lining

  • Shoe Suede

  • Resine Nappa

  • Semi Aniline

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Area Of Application


Finest shoes are made with our leather which are classic and comfortable crafted for the rugged as well as delicate uses among men, women and children.

Leathers produced at Zaik are made into a variety of sophisticated footwear viz.,shoes sandals, slip-ons, etc for the young and the old which are breathable and highly durable for any type weather.


Gorgeous, colourful and trendy garments are the trademark of quality leather from Zaik admired by our customers.

We create genuine leather to suit any climatic conditions and occasions, which are proven flexible, snuggly and elegant.

Real leathers that lasts generations, yet not losing their original characteristics and appeal.

Leather Goods

A wide variety of hide samples are made available for selection and processed to leather in various colours, finishes and texture for creating exquisite goods.

We cater to leading fashion brands and labels world over who create masterpieces out of our authentic leather.

Our leathers are crafted to withstand the wear and tear of the daily use mass market goods as well as exclusive premium designer leather bags, gloves, wallets and belts for the high street customers which are practical and in vogue.

Upholstery/Fabric/ Furnishing

Relax in comfort! Our leather offers that smooth feeling people enjoy while sitting in the upholstery of the furniture.

Elaborate stylish designs to suit any type of seating accessory are made with careful selection and meticulous process to suit the ambience of your room and enhance the appeal with lasting impression.

We make premium textures and quality leather for different uses in automobile seats, gear knobs, steering wheel covers, dash boards, etc.